Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Grace and Dignity of Assumption Grotto's Altar at Christmas

My Christmas header for the blog was taken about 11:50 PM on December 24, 2012 as people were arriving.
The was a Solemn High Mass (1962 Missal). 

It's also the first Christmas without the table altar, leaving the parish with only the original, high altar.  In past photos, the line up the center aisle, up the steps, up to the Crucifix, was broken by the table altar in the center.  It now has a new home where it is well loved. Win-win. 

Elevation of the Eucharist

Elevation of the Chalice, framed in an e-poster form

The celebrant drinks from the Chalice as the deacon and sub-deacon bow in reverence to Our Lord

Fr. Perrone conducts the symphony during the prelude music before the Mass.
The Mass featured Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass
(featured again this Sunday at 9:30 AM and on January 6 at Noon)

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