Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oops... I think I toggled comments back on!

I had turned comments off while I was on retreat and thought I had turned them back on. Apparently, I missed a toggle.

Someone test it and see if it's working now. Try this post, and perhaps one made within the past week.

I still have moderation on to prevent manual spamming.

Blogging will still be light as I prepare my computer for the shop. It's still working... for now. The hard drive could go any time. Gotta replace it. I have a netbook to use in the meanwhile, but it is a little more cumbersome to work with. And, I have a load of work to do around my house, so I will take advantage of the break.

See my last post on 40 Hours Devotion, which I updated.  It begins tomorrow morning following the 7:30 am Mass.  On Saturday, Exposition begins at 6:30 am, and Mass will be celebrated at the side altar at 7:30 am (Extraordinary Form)

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