Sunday, November 13, 2011

Main computer is in the shop...

The bad news is - the hard drive on my main computer was on it's way out; the good news is - I discovered when I took it to Micro Center that it was still covered under the service warranty I purchased.  I consider myself lucky.  Most people do not get such warnings before a hard drive goes.  It was subtle, and it's a good thing I paid attention and ran diagnostics after my Acronis True Home Image software told me it could not read certain sectors.  Diagnostics failed repeatedly on the SMART short self test and check disk would not complete due to problems with some sectors.  Everything else was working fine, with only periodic slowness, and one incident which left me unable to get into the system a few weeks ago, for over 24 hours.  Then it started working fine, Acronis was backing up normally, HP diagnostics was fine, etc.... until late last week.

There's more bad news.... my netbook is about as fast as a sloth on a sunny day. The good news - I may actually get some needed work done around my house.

I took some photos yesterday during 40 Hours devotion, with Mass at the Sacred Heart of Jesus side altar (62 Missal). However, I cannot process them until around Thanksgiving when I hope to have my computer back. I like to use Adobe Lightroom for some post-processing. It will have to be re-loaded along with other software.

I will be blogging, but it will be light through Thanksgiving.  However, Twitter works quite fast on my iPhone, so watch for news items and re-tweets in my Twitter Feed:

40 Hours Devotion will close immediately following the noon Mass and the ushers are extending their pancake breakfast for those who will remain for the closing.

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