Thursday, September 29, 2011

Al Kresta and Ed Peters discuss Kresta's recent interview with Fr. Pavone {Updated}

I want to pass along some interesting dialogue taking place on the blogs of Catholic radio show host, Al Kresta, and blogging canonist, Ed Peters - both stand-up guys, and friends, who are in a friendly disagreement over a recent interview Al did with Fr. Frank Pavone. 

I pass this along because I think there are some good learning opportunities here, not just in the arguments themselves, but in how people can disagree with one another, in a civil way.

You can listen to the interview here: My Perspective: Fr. Frank Pavone Speaks Out on Kresta in the Afternoon

Ed Peters first voiced some objection to the interview here: Is John Wesley really the ministerial model Fr. Pavone wants to invoke?

Al Kresta responded to Ed Peters yesterday: A response to Ed Peters' criticism of Fr. Frank Pavone Interview

Late last night, Ed Peters responded to Al at his own blog: My response to Al Kresta


September 29: Kresta offers a response back to Peters

Dr. Gerard Nadal offers some thoughts over at Deacon Greg Kandra's combox on this.  What caught my attention was the sample letter he offered as the kind of thing that would have been much more helpful out of Fr. Pavone.  I have formatted it for easier reading.  Gerry writes:

Pavone quote from the article:

“Be assured we are neither organizing nor endorsing public protests of any kind.”

There’s the cute little game that will ultimately alienate large numbers from Fr. Pavone. While he is not organizing or endorsing the protests, the assault on the children of that school, he will not ask the plane and trucks to stand down.

He is a priest of that diocese and those children are being traumatized in his name, and he does not publicly repudiate the tactic. It’s stomach-churning.

If it will help, here’s the press release that will work:

“I have today asked that the truth trucks return home and that the plane remain grounded. Furthermore, I ask that all who intend to come to Amarillo please redirect your energy to praying outside of your local abortion clinic. My bishop and I need a safe, quiet, and respectful space in which to resolve the differences that have led to this action. Please respect this relationship, pray for us both, and refrain from any more publishing of harsh words for any of our bishops.

“Priests for life has been as successful as we have been precisely because three of my bishops, as well as every bishop who has sent us a priest, has consented to this ministry and want us bringing the heart of the Church to the pro-life movement. They are good men who cannot spare a man in their respective diocese, yet have done so generously. Honor that.

“For now, please don’t become distracted from your great work or your prayers. Continue to do God’s will, and trust in His leading.”

That kind of letter is called, "taking the high road". 
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After someone challenges him about "traumatizing" elementary school children with graphic photos of aborted babies, Nadal responded with personal experience.  Go read it there [click takes you directly to comment within the thread]

Agree or disagree, I'm solidly with Gerry on this. He has has summed up a number of my problems with Fr. Frank Pavone's response, or lack thereof. 

A week ago he started a Novena for Fr. Frank  Pavone and Bishop Zurek asking for the intercession of St. John Vianney.  You can begin that novena any time really.  Go to his homepage and navigate to September 23, 2011 and work your way up.

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