Monday, February 21, 2011

CNSNews: Vatican Canon Law Adviser: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Should Be Denied Communion

Governor Andrew Cuomo and Food Network's Sandra Lee
Photo: Kramer/AP
 Ed Peters, JD, JCD, who teaches locally at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, and who is a consultant who serves the Apostolic Signatura, has been interviewed Michael Chapman of CNSNews about a fairly recent incident in which Gov. Andrew Cuomo was given Holy Communion by Bishop Hubbard, when it is pretty much public knowledge that he has been co-habitating with Food Network's Sandra Lee

Go read the opinion of Dr. Peters Here: Vatican Canon Law Adviser: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Should Be Denied Communion

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Teresa said...

Ed Peters, JD, JCD is spot on! Isn't Gov. Andrew Cuomo also pro-choice?

It is my opinion that if it's been public knowledge for a a couple of years or more than a politician who is in support of abortion should be excommunicated. I believe if this would have been done years ago many Catholics may not be pro-choice today. Of course I would hope that the parish priest and local Bishop would talk to the person first and pray that they would convert to pro-life. I know excommunication seems harsh but these pro-abort politicians are bringing scandal to the Church and that needs to be stopped. Plus, excommunication is meant to correct the person and bring him back to the path of righteousness and is not intended to be a punishment per se. Excommunication isn't a banishment from the Church, which is a common misconception held by some people.

Nick said...

Pray for the Bishop and all involved.

boinky said...

on the other hand, Cardinal Spellman told those criticizing that he allowed Clair Booth Luce, who was married to a divorced man, to receive communion to mind their own business...

We all need to tremble when we leave generalities and go to specifics. I know of at least one woman who left the church because she was refused communion after a divorce in which she was the innocent victim.

on the other hand, the bishop might want to call him in for a private talk.