Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Tigger" - the Convent Cat

"Tigger", the convent cat relaxes in the sun on a crisp morning in Detroit
 The Sisters of the Holy Cross found a kitten just over a year ago which wandered into the convent yard on the grounds of Assumption Grotto.  He soon won the affection of everyone heading to the Adoration chapel.  It didn't take long before Tigger was taken in.  Actually, he refused to leave. 

I happened to have my camera at Grotto for a photoshoot when, after getting done, I decided to head to the Adoration chapel.  There was Tigger, sunning himself as if he were on Malibu beach.  He spotted something on the tree and decided to go investigate, then used the thing for a scratching post.

Perhaps more another time on the adventures of Tigger.

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