Monday, January 3, 2011

Quotable quote by Jeffrey Tucker on "contemporary" or rock music in the liturgy...

The National Catholic Register has a pretty good interivew with Sacred Music editor, Jeffrey Tucker.  In it he speaks about the opportunities we will have with the new missal coming out.  Chant is making a big comeback.  But what of those "folk Masses" many of us grew up with?

You gotta love this quote:
Asked “What do you say to people who think that ‘contemporary’ or rock music is necessary to attract young people to Mass?”, Tucker replied:

So far as I can tell, the only people who really argue this way are old people. It’s true that plenty of young people are not interested in true liturgical music, but those same people are not interested in Catholicism either. How do we draw people to the faith? By lying about it and substituting false teaching? I don’t think so. The faith draws people when it is not ashamed of itself and when it has the ring of truth. It is the same with liturgical music …

We are living in times of transition, and young people seem to know this even more than older people. I don’t think there is any doubt where that transition is headed: People are discovering the sacred music tradition. If you look around at the Catholic music world, you quickly find that this is where the interest and energy is. This is the future.

I find it interesting that young people are drawn to things like chant.  In fact, I find it so interesting that I believe the surge in interest is the work of the Holy Spirit. 

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