Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where to catch the "Red Hat" pre-game show tonight...

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Stay tuned tomorrow...

The Catholic blogosphere's favorite past-time is underway as anticipation grows that Pope Benedict XVI will name Cardinals in a consistory tomorrow.  It gives the men, and the tailors making their new red garbs until Christ the King on November 30, 2010. Archbishop Raymond L. Burke is considered a shoe-in.  I will let you read other speculations about what will take place on these shores and abroad in the links below.

I may get to post the names before leaving tomorrow morning, if it appears on the Bollettino, but if not, I will leave you with a few places to watch for news, posts, and the ever lively comboxes.

I will be unable to blog on this tomorrow beyond anything that is available veerrrryyy early, so I am going to leave you with some links to existing "pre-game" shows, and some places to watch tomorrow.

A few sites to watch tomorrow:

Footnote: Back in August when a number of people thought the consistory would not come until spring because more Cardinals are expected to turn 80 in the coming months, at which time they are not eligible to vote in a Papal conclave. Ed Peters pointed pointed out some interesting stats and played with a few other numbers which had me wondering whether we would see the number of Italians shrink. 

On that note, here are some interesting pages to find current and historical facts about bishops, dioceses and more at Catholic Hierarchy:

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