Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's going on over at Catholic News Service (CNS)?

Tom Peters has a piece up on Catholic News Service and it's reporting.  I've had to do my share of double-takes over the years on what they put out, wondering at times what religion they were.  Keep in mind, this is the reporting arm of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (which is not a reflection on individual bishops, but on whomever is responsible for staffing and managing that arm).  Enough is enough already! 

And, keep in mind as you read Tom's post, who Sr. Carol Keehan is...

Early on, Tom brings up a point that has also caused me many double takes ... the inclusion of dissident news sources as "clients" for their "tweets" on Twitter, like the National Catholic Reporter (which you can see as @NCRonline in the CNS twitter feed.   [Someone once sent me  a link to a statement in which a local bishop had issued an advisory or condemnation of that dissident rag from way back in the 60's (I think 1969).  If someone knows where that is, drop it in my combox].

I have seen Tom challenging them on this on Twitter, but whomever is managing the CNS twitter account defends the practice of including dissident sources among their client list.  Since this is the reporting arm for the USCCB, I feel it is scandalous.  They pretty much just say they are taking clients from "both sides of the aisle" (but I have to wonder which aisle they are talking about - the one that divides Catholic sources which show fidelity to the Church, and utter disloyalty and dissidence?

Tom digs pretty deep into something in his latest post, about CNS, Sr. Keehan, and a situation involving Catholic hopsitals and Obamacare.  Go have a read...

Response: CNS author sides with Sr. Keehan against CV and bishops, and I argue they owe Catholics a correction

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