Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tim Tebow to speak at National Prayer Breakfast

I've watched with interest the news about Tim Tebow's superbowl ad in which the story is told of how his mother chose not to abort him after doctors advised it.

Today, he is going to be speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast - an event at which President Barack Obama will also be speaking.

In the meanwhile, the feminists and pro-aborts are going into convulsions over the fact that CBS has permitted this to air.

As an aside, it's interesting to watch the ratings comparisons for news at the time slot between 5-11pm.  MSNBC is in cardiac arrest (flatlined in blue), and CNN has been receiving B-12 shots for anemia (green, with a bounce here in there), all the while Fox runs away with news viewers tired of the bias and leftist agenda.  Perhaps CBS has noticed. And, perhaps CBS has noticed that the majority of Americans are pro-life.

If MSNBC and CNN don't figure it out soon, they'll be making funeral arrangements for their networks.

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