Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Robbed by a petty thief...

I have had many reasons for somewhat of an absence from the blogosphere following my mother's death a month ago. From a practical standpoint, there were affairs that needed settling, including work at her apartment which needs to be completely vacated by the end of this month. My siblings and I are nearly done.

I was sidetracked by something else....a petty thief who had been apparently entering my home over a period of time that may have spanned anywhere from weeks to months, or perhaps years. As far as I can tell, it was merely modest amounts of cash that was missing, along with other signs someone had been in the house. It was happening with the use of a key, most likely through the front door which is actually more secluded than the rear since no one enters or exits typically from that side. Some weeks back I had discovered a hole in the screen - large enough for an arm to fit through to unlock the outer door, and I did not think that's what it was at the time.

Apparently, the key fell into the wrong hands through some form of opportunity over the past 10 years. I suppose this is a good reason to have locks changed, or the links modified, periodically. I have an idea of who may have been involved, but without proof do not want to even discuss that. I'll pray for the unknown thief and I ask you to do so, as well. My firmest belief is that they were after funeral enevelopes - something that never came into my home. I went to my sister's where we read the cards and prepared money to go where people designated it to go. Money marked for Masses, went towards the Gregorian Masses I had scheduled for my mother and I made up the difference. The Missionaries of Charity were on the receiving end of a nice donation in my mother's name from money collected, and a number of people took envelopes and sent money directly to them in her name.

I took steps necessary to protect myself and my property. Locks were changed immediately, but that was not enough. I called a security firm recommended by a co-worker - EMMI Security. I won't discuss all that my system will do for obvious reasons, but will say that at the very least I purchased a system that will detect doors or windows opening, and glass breaking. I took today off to have it installed. I was actually aware that someone had been in the house last week, but did not want to advertise it until I had the system installed.

While I do not believe the intruder was someone watching my activity over the internet, bloggers and users of facebook twitter, and other social networking sites should know that it is never a good idea to advertise your comings and goings, especially if you are leaving town. It is asking for a break-in. Some people advertise everything they do from taking a shower, to going to bed, going out to eat, and going away for vacation out of town. Think twice about doing these kinds of things.

I still have much to do to wrap up my mother's affairs. Blogging will continue to be light, but I will still try to throw a few things out on Twitter. It just won't be as frequent. When I get my mother's place emptied, I then need to turn to my own condo which is now overloaded with stuff. I need to just take the time to sift and get rid of stuff.

I'm truly ok, but am really busy with ordinary things. I will probably be back blogging more regularly and enthusiastically in a few weeks, after I catch up with myself. I'll probably get back into it slowly as I find the time. Do check back and check my Twitter feed.

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lizaanne said...

Oh my gosh Diane, how terrifying!! So glad you are ok and your home is now totally secure.

Masha said...

We are definately praying for you and your theif! It always feels like such a violation when your property has been handled without your knowledge. I'm so glad your much safer now!

Give our love to everyone at the Grotto!
Seth and Emily