Saturday, July 4, 2009

New pictures of Germaine at work!

One of the priests who was at Assumption Grotto for a couple of years, and who lived in the rectory for a time, has sent out a slideshow video of pics with Germaine at work in the rectory. Fr. Eusebius is in the Philippines and was not within reach of the photos to send them until now.

As you may already know, Germaine passed away soon after being hit by a car in front of Assumption Grotto after leaving her housekeeping job at the parish rectory on June 22nd. Thanks be to God that the priests were with her in the short time after, before she died. I always knew Germaine was agile, but until I saw the photos of her up on a step ladder, I had no idea she was that agile.

These pictures are truly a blessing to have. Father made the slideshow video in thanksgiving for Germaine.

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