Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Crowning at Assumption wanted!

It is a pretty long held custom at Assumption Grotto that on Mother's Day, we have the May Crowning of Mary, and First Holy Communions (noon Mass).

Each year I regret deeply that I cannot stick around for all of this. In fact, I had to leave today just as the procession started and felt bad that I could not stay and take pictures.

I am the head chef in my household and it was my pleasure to cook a nice meal for my mother on this special day. After picking her up around 12:30 and getting back to my house at 1:30, the roast did not get done until nearly 6:00pm. So, it is good that I left when I did. Next year I am going to try to grill which might allow me to stay at least for the May crowning and the first part of Mass.


If you have pictures uploaded to something like Picasa Web or some other service, send me a link. Or, if you want, email me a few pictures at Lef me know how I should credit the photos (full name, first name, etc.)

I seen many cameras and camcorders out there as I left. Certainly someone has pics to share for the blog. Get the word around to others who may not be reading.

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