Thursday, March 12, 2009

Timeout needed...

UPDATE: My mother was released late yesterday and is home resting. I am burning a second vacation day to get some much needed rest. I fell asleep around 3:30am the night before and went back to the hospital at 7:00am after about a 3 hour nap, hoping to catch the doctor (sometimes the doctors do things with good intentions and cause more harm by taking away certain medicines, etc., so I work to head those things off). She was actually admitted for part of the day and the doctor came late and released her with her hemoglobin up at around 9.1 from a low of 6.1 when she first got in to ER.

My posting has slowed and will stop for a couple of days as I try to get my bearings. Much has been happening.

I went to Fr. Val's funeral today and when I got out had to take my mother in for bloodwork since she was not doing well. She suffers from anemia, caused by a variety of things (not uncommon for seniors) and needs period transfusions. Normally, we try to head things off at the pass and get it done outpatient. But, there is a fine line between taking her in when it is low enough, but not so low that she can't wait (at which time she ends up in ER, which is more complicated).

The doctor put a stat order on the bloodwork and he wanted me to go home and sit with her until he called me some hours later. I got the call just after 8:00pm to take her into ER. Her blood count slipped to 6.1 (normal is around 15, but for the conditions she has, doctors are happey when she is at 10.5 or so).

It's now approaching 3:00am and I just got in the door (my day started at work at around 5:45am). I'm heading back to the hospital at 7:00 so I can catch the doctor to speak with him.

I pray that after the two units she gets, she will be stable enough to come home. She may get a third unit if it does not get above 8.

Mom was looking so forward to going to the St. Joseph Day dinner to hear the Italian band and singers that always come. She is of Croatian descent, but grew up in an Italian neighborhood and is very much at home among them.

If her blood does not drop (indicating she has something else going on), then she will be released tomorrow. Typically after she is transfused, I can't keep up with her. The last time she had this done was on Election Day.

Your prayers for my mother, Rose, are appreciated. I'll be back blogging soon. I'm still keeping one eye on the news - often through my Sprint Centro, but simply cannot take time to blog on it.

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