Friday, November 14, 2008

Gotta watch TV - EWTN's World Over Live - tonight!

It sounds like Raymond Arroyo will be talking about the USCCB meeting on World Over Live tonight. This will be a great episode. I've been hearing his commentaries in Ave Maria Radio archives with Teresa Tomeo and this ought to be very interesting. I wouldn't be suprised to see his periodic sidekick, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus there.

I won't say anymore than that. Just tune in or record it.

EDIT: Ok - I'll say this much....I believe in addition to the whole abortion discussion, there will be talk about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and ACORN.

You can catch it online by going to and clicking the Television tab, then choosing one of the live options. It starts 8:00pm EST.

Go to the World Over Live homepage at EWTN to see other times that it will rebroadcast if you should see this too late. I think your last chance is 4:00pm EST Sunday.

UPDATE: Fr. Neuhaus was not a guest. However, Raymond did a taping with two bishops during the week that he played: Bishop Martino of Scranton and Bishop Naumann of Kansas City. Bishop Martino will be remembered for his own prophetic statement (as pointed out by Rocco Palmo):

In the public session, this past campaign cycle's most-forthright hierarchical voice said that his confreres would one day have to deal with their collective "reticence" on the question of Catholic politicians who support abortion rights in defiance of church teaching.

In the World Over Live segment, Raymond that comment was seen in replay along with those of other bishops. Since the show focused on personal finance and the economy in the first half, the discussion about pro-abort politicos and the CHD/ACORN matter came about half way through the program.

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