Thursday, October 2, 2008

YouTube Pulls Eucharistic Desecration Videos

UPDATE: Said videos were pulled for a few hours, the account was suspended, and now the account is open again, and videos are back up. Sad. Very sad. Read this update from Headline Bistro.

Some 40 videos have been pulled from YouTube that were depicting Eucharistic desecration. Many were following the lead of Professor Paul Z. Myers who sought a consecrated Host, then obtained one and desecrated it on video.

Getting them pulled was important because once the first was posted, it created a frenzy of young people doing all sorts of things to the Eucharist so they could upload the video.

The Eucharist is believed by Catholics to be the Body of Christ (if God can become Man in Jesus Christ, then Jesus Christ who is God, can certainly become a humble piece of bread - Lk 22:19-20). He said, "This IS my body", the commanded them to "do this in memory of me". This is the point that Christ instituted the Mass.

The American Papist has the scoop on what may have ended these videos on YouTube.

YouTube pulls Eucharist desecration videos after petition (?)

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