Saturday, September 6, 2008

More bishops speak out on Abortion and Nancy Pelosi's Words

I had a running list of bishops and cardinals who had publicly denounced the misrepresentation of Catholic teaching on abortion by Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). As I suspected, many bishops spoke clearly on this subject in their diocesan papers and elsewhere. Among those notable is Cardinal George of Chicago who issued a letter.

I may eventually update my list, but don't have time now. Instead, I will refer you to Thomas Peters - the American Papist who has a much larger list of bishops and cardinals who spoke out.

Included is also the archbishop of San Francisco, Nierdauer, who publicly invited her for a conversation. Pelosi is said to have accepted the invitation for the private meeting. I won't comment here, but I ask everyone to pray, and pray hard, that the Archbishop receive the grace of courage in the face of defiance, should he encounter it. Further reading and analysis:

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