Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 13th, 2008: Fatima Devotions and Vatican Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit at Grotto

I regret that I have not been posting much, but have been putting in some long hours (nearly 12 today) to make a deadline ahead of the 15th at work.

Fatima Devotions - Aug 13th
Please note that tomorrow is the 13th, the day Assumption Grotto has a special day for Fatima devotions. These run from May through October - the months in which the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to the children of Fatima. It begins with the Mass, followed by a procession out to the Grotto with banners while the Rosary is prayed. Then, children of the parish re-enact that month's message. People then go back to the gym where there are refreshements. In the past they have had speakers - priests from the area who would prepare a talk. This time, it is a video that will be watched.

International Vatican Exhibit on Eucharistic Miracles - Aug 13th
    The 13th marks another very special day. Grotto is blessed to have from the 13th to the 28th of August, the International Vatican Exhibit on Eucharistic Miracles. These are miracles which have gained full approval of the ChurchIt opens during Fatima Devotions tomorrow.

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