Friday, May 23, 2008

Michigan: Opposition Needed to anti-Conscience Bill (House Bill 6049)

I got this from blog reader Ruth and want to draw your attention to it. I don't normally post these type of action related items because I get so many that I could literally end up with reasons for Catholics to contact lawmakers several times daily and just can't keep up with it. Don't get me wrong, every one of these issues are worthy of attention and action and the best thing I can do is periodically include them.

I would also encourage those of you who send this kind of information out using mass email, to consider starting a free blog through It is easy to learn and will reach far more people. Furthermore, you can email a link to your blogpost to your readership and link to online petitions, etc. Some are clearly called to the advocacy apostolate and it is good to consider communication options.

The source for what is below can be found at the Catholic Legislative Advocacy Network on House Bill 6049 at the Michigan Catholic Conference website.

Help Protect Religious Freedom in Michigan
Opposition Needed to Anti-Conscience Bill

In recent years, adversarial campaigns and lawsuits have been launched to force faith-based pharmacies and pharmacists to dispense prescriptions that are in direct conflict with Church teaching on the dignity of the human person and respect for women. Legislation has now surfaced in Michigan, and has since passed the House Judiciary Committee, that would prohibit pharmacists and pharmacies from exercising their first amendment right to conscience protection in the distribution of prescription medications that violate Church teaching.

This bill, House Bill 6049, is written specifically to prohibit pharmacists and pharmacies, including those that are Catholic, from exercising their constitutional right to religious freedom.

Religious freedom of conscience has been a fundamental principle of our state and nation for more than 200 years. Our nation was founded on the principle that those choosing to live by religious faith do so free from unwarranted intrusion of government. Increasingly, Catholic and other faith-based health care providers and pharmacists have come under attack for not offering so-called "reproductive health services," including contraceptive medications that can and do act as an abortifacient.

It is the Conference's belief that a civil right of conscience must be recognized for all individual and institutional health care providers, including pharmacists. Certainly, individuals do not lose their right to exercise their religion and conscience once they enter the health care profession.

Please take a moment to contact your state representative and urge him or her to respect the constitutional right to religious freedom.
That link I provided at the top gives you an idea of how to contact your lawmaker.

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