Tuesday, January 22, 2008

March for Life 2008: Tens of thousands or Hundreds of Thousands????

From what scant coverage I can find in the secular media about the March for Life 2008 in Washington DC, it seems that censorship is alive and well.

I've seen a handful of people protesting at the nation's Capital on the national news. But you get as many that packed the place yesterday for the March for Life and you are lucky to see it on the backpage of a newspaper, let alone on any national news. Of course, when they do cover it, it looks like this.

From Associated Press:

Despite chilly weather, tens of thousands of people were marching from the mall to the Supreme Court. The National Organization for Women was staging a counter protest.

From Lifenews.com:

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Hundreds of thousands of pro-life people turned out for the annual March for Life in Washington, braving cold temperatures to take a stand for the right to life of unborn children.

Ok, so which was it? When I hear, "tens of thousands" I think of 20, 30, maybe even 50,000. You can't tell me that there weren't at least 100,000 people there, if not far more. Why downplay it? The Basilica alone held 10,000 people the night before, and we know that this event draws people from every walk of life, religion, and probaby even pro-life atheists.

I was home today, with much needed vacation day to catch up on things and to simply relax. I had EWTN on from Noon until 3:00 and I was astonished at the size of the line of marchers. It went on as far as the eye could see, and was incredibly wide with people packed shoulder to shoulder. Marcus Grodi said he has never seen it as large as it was today, with 50% of them being in their 20's or younger. This is a pro-life generation.

I was also impressed with the number of bishops and cardinals this year. I have been watching this event on TV for 3 years now and I don't recall there being this many.

Thomas, the American Papist was there with live coverage, with pics and video. Visit his blog homepage for updates.

If you were there, feel free to comment, or email pics or video links to TeDeumBlog@gmail.com

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