Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kids and the Mass: "They're not as stupid as we treat them"

Carolina Canonball at The Crescat has a great post up. I will share the contents of it here, but follow the link to the blog to read through many interesting comments.

... its amazing what a difference environment can make.

I haven't made the official parish change, but for over a month now my son & I have been attending mass at the Abbey. Solely from the perspective of a parent, the difference in my son's attitude toward church has changed dramatically.

There is absolutely no conversation before mass at the Abbey. The atmosphere leaves itself to nothing but prayerful silence and nothing less is expected. Even the tone of the mass is silent, slow and deliberate. You can't help but concentrate and direct your focus.

Every one is well dressed and makes an effort, something rarely seen now-a-days. It is obvious why these people come to mass, not for some social hee-haw but to celebrate the mass. Period.

Now you might think something this 'rigid' might not appeal to a small boy or be for him like excruciating torture... the effect is profoundly the opposite. He is never more quiet and well behaved then when in mass.

Surprise. Surprise. Our children are not as stupid are we treat them.

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