Monday, December 3, 2007


I just wanted to provide an update on my mother. I'm still very short on time as I try to catch up on basics like laundry and housekeeping. I took one of my last three vacation days today in order to catch my breath.

My mother is doing ok. She went to the ER at 6:30pm Thursday and did not get her knee tapped for analysis until Saturday at 6:30pm - 48 hours after we took her to the hospital. She did some limited walking when we took her in, and by Friday already, she was completely bed-ridden.

The analysis showed no infection, but high levels of uric acid and crystals (in other words, she has a bad case of gout). They have started her on high doses of a steroid to help bring the swelling down and she will begin physical therapy soon. It's unfortunate that the knee wasn't tapped Thursday night or Friday morning because physical therapy may not have been needed, not to mention she wouldn't have laid there in excruciating pain (she has many drug allergies). They finally found something they could give her on Sunday.

Because of all the inactivity, she is holding much fluid. That is causing them to give her medications to remove the fluid, which is affecting her kidney function. I am hoping they get her moving soon.

Thanks and God bless, for all the prayers and words of support!

I'll start blogging again when I catch my breath.

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