Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gaudete Sunday - Winter Weather Blow-out

Anyone with even a little experience with the usus antiquior, can readily tell that this is not a Tridentine. Weather has caused this photographer to play it cautious so, you get a picture from a Novus Ordo last year, showing off one of the Gaudete Sunday chasubles - in this case the roman chasuble, affectionally called a fiddleback (or shall we say, a fiddle-front).

Well, I had planned since Summorum Pontificum to capture the rose-colored, Roman chasuble, on Guadete Sunday during the extraordinary form of the Roman rite. But, weather predictions as of yesterday were for 6-10 inches, and this afternoon that changed to 8-12 inches. At around 8:30pm, the weather channel said, "Buffalo, NY about 20 inches, Chicago about 6 inches AND,.......Detroit - about a foot to a foot-and-a-half!!!!

Normally, the 4:00 Mass is pretty thin crowdwise, except for the first Saturday of the month, at which time we have our St. Monica Sodality Mass.

It was odd to see so many people - typical Sunday people, at the 4:00pm Saturday Mass. In fact, rumor has it that I saw myself. That's right. I chickened out and figured I would assist today rather than deal with the snow on Sunday.

I'll try to capture that Roman chasuble at a Tridentine on Laetare Sunday in Lent when it will be used next. Until then, you may admire the rose-colored vestment used at a Latin Novus Ordo last year.

After seeing several choir members at the 4:00pm Mass, it had me wondering whether our 9:30am Mass will be choral, or schola. In fact, if predictions ring true with a foot or more of snow, perhaps it will be a schola of one! (I'll give you a hint, provided he is not the celebrant at the 9:30am Tridentine).


While we are at it, for those of you who have read all the way to the bottom here, lets have some fun with that photo at the top while educating others.

For those who know, what gives away that the picture is a Novus Ordo and not the Tridentine? Put your answers in the combox.

EDIT 9:12pm Saturday: Oh, joy - Jim Cantori of the Weather Channel is here in metro Detroit and says we will be getting 10-15 inches. Troy, Michigan is just about 8 miles northwest of my home, and about 12-15 miles from Grotto.


James Straight said...

The lack of altar cards gives it away.

Diane K said...

True enough on the altar cards, but there are several other clues.

Anonymous said...

What the Deacon is wearing. The vestment of the priest is not being elevated as he elevates the host. Also it looks like the priest is not wearing a maniple.

Diane K said...

Anonymous: Please read the post carefully. In several places, I indicate this is not a Tridentine, but a Novus Ordo - the Mass of Vatican II.

At Assumption Grotto all Masses are celebrated ad orientem (the priest facing the wall altar).

There are several things yet, which give away that this is not a Tridentine, in that top photo. James in the post above mentions there are no Mass cards. I am aware of several more clues, but don't want to give them away yet.

Let's talk about the maniple. Is it yet another clue? Is it an absolute requirement in the Tridentine based on the 1962 Missal? Can you cite a source?

As a sidenote on the Novus Ordo in the picture, the deacon was newly ordained (if memory serves, the day before this Mass. I can't recall if it was taken on Laetare Sunday or Guadete Sunday last year). There was no vestment for him that weekend, but quickly vestments were available after that.

Peter Simpson said...

I'm going for 4 candles on the altar - rather than 6. Your poor deacon - I have a lovely rose dalmatic - which is shown off on my blog today! Pleased to know that you have now purchased one for him.

Diane K said...


Fortunately, we have a wonderful seamstress who is in to making traditional vestments. It is her passion and she has made many thus far for priests at our parish.

Since we had no idea that our own parishioner, the Deacon, would be given back to our parish when he was ordained, we were unprepared for his sudden "arrival".

Yes, too few candles was another clue I was waiting for someone to mention. But, there are still more. Before I give any hints, I want to let this cook a bit and see they jump out at anyone. Perhaps I am wrong on what I'm thinking should be different, so I will wait to see what other comments come in.

Thus far, we have the following:

-Only 4 candles.

-Deacon without a chasuble.

-No maniple worn by the priest (but no one has mentioned whether, in the usus antiquior, it is an absolute requirement for the Mass of 1962.

Can anyone explain?

Moniales said...

Actually, none of the above is "necessary" for a Tridentine Mass! Many a priest in war zone or in prison had nothing but bread, wine and the missal from memory and it was the Tridentine! And there ARE 6 candles there. 2 biggies and one small one on each side. And if it were a low mass there would only be 2 candles lit anyway.

If one zoomed in closer and had good eyesight one would see that the missal is the Novus Ordo!

I'm glad you didn't send all that snow our way! We got a little big, then ice, then rain. The postulants are disappointed!

Peter Simpson said...

I'll have another try! If this were a Tridentine Mass, the thurifer would not be kneeling at the centre of the altar, he would be at the South side.

Diane K said...

Moniales says: Actually, none of the above is "necessary" for a Tridentine Mass! Many a priest in war zone or in prison had nothing but bread, wine and the missal from memory and it was the Tridentine!

Wwwellllll, let me clarify.

Provided the Tridentine is not said in a war zone, or in a special mission circumstance, and is taking place in parish on a Sunday.....

How do we know from the picture, it is not a Tridentine?

Peter said: If this were a Tridentine Mass, the thurifer would not be kneeling at the centre of the altar, he would be at the South side.

Good one.

How about the quantity of altar boys, and the presence of the Deacon with the altar boys?

Anything there?

Josh L. said...

Besides the comments about the lack of candles, the deacon, the altar cards, et al., a subdeacon would be required for a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Rite. At the consecration, the subdeacon would be kneeling on the lowest step behind the celebrant; additionally, the subdeacon would be wearing a humeral veil and holding the paten until after the Pater Noster.

Lovely pictures!

A young M.C. at the trad and revised rites said...

No altar cards, can't see a burse. No dalmatic on the deacon - who isn't holding the chasuble. No subdeacon. No MC in proper position. Thurifer should be at the bottom right corner (though I've seen this position occasionally)... the list goes on.