Saturday, November 10, 2007

Heating at Grotto

I stopped in yesterday for 40 Hours and discovered the heat was still not on. Contrary to some light jokes, Fr Perrone is not trying to encourage us to use the "heating bill" envelopes through lack of heat, nor is he trying to give us a lesson in mortification. I'm sure no one feels worse about the situation than does he.

I saw about 4-5 electrical/mechanical contractor trucks, the basement door in the Church was open and there was an awful lot of clanging going on. I asked one of the maintenance people about it. He said that this was identified about 3 weeks ago and the contractors have been working on it ever since. It's an old boiler and getting parts can take time.

If you go to 40 Hours today, it could be fixed, or it could be cold. Ditto with Sunday Mass. Because of this possibility, dress in layers.

Whatever you do, don't avoid 40 Hours because it could be cold. Many churches in Europe are not heated. Offer it up for the Glory of God, the conversion of sinners, and the poor souls in purgatory.

Think about the saints like St. John Vianney who would sit still in a cold confessional for 12-14 hours daily. I'm sure there was no heat in his day during the coldest part of winter. Ditto with St. John of the Cross or St. Teresa of Avila, and St. Faustina.

Most of all, think about Our Lord, with so much blood having been lost, how cold he must have been through his crucifixion.

He awaits you in adoration.

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