Saturday, July 28, 2007

Detroit Free Press: A sword for the Catholic faith

An article appears in today's Detroit Free Press about Michael Voris and his local television show, the The One True Faith.

A sword for the Catholic faith
Former WJBK-TV reporter explains it all on his syndicated program

July 28, 2007

Last week in Ferndale, Michael Voris closed his nationally syndicated Catholic TV show by grasping the hilt of a gleaming gladiator's sword to show the seriousness of his faith. Slowly moving the heavy blade through the air, he warned his audience:

"This life is about spiritual warfare -- every single moment of our lives here. Sometimes the battle is fierce and raging, sometimes it subsides, but we are always -- always -- in spiritual battle."

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You need to really "mine" The One True Faith website for all that is has in terms of avenues to learning about the Catholic faith. This page may be easiest to load if you are on slower connections.

There are podcasts available for the show for online listening, or downloading to an MP3 player, or to which you can subscribe for regular downloading on iTunes.

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