Monday, April 16, 2007

Statue of the Assumption of Mary at Grotto

I have been trying to capture the beauty of this statue, as it appears in real life, for some time now. I'm getting closer, but need a quiet session one day when sun is bright outside, and lights indoor are optimized.

These are well worth sharing, as is. There is something about walking the corridor on the right, along the confessionals, and seeing this beautiful statue of the Assumption. It is especially true when the candles are all aglow.


David said...


Were you attending Grotto when this statue was displayed on the right side of the sanctuary, above where the pulpit is? I always wondered why it was moved.


Diane said...

HI David,

No, I've only been at Grotto since May 2005. I stepped in, and fell in love with all things Grotto on Pentecost that year and have been there ever since.

When you say "right side" do you mean facing the Sanctuary from the pews or vice versa. Right now it is to the right of the Sanctuary from the pews.

David said...

The same side it is currently on, or the south side.