Monday, April 23, 2007

Please Pray for my Mother....

I humbly request prayers for my mother, Rose, who is in the hospital once again receiving a transfusion. She goes through bouts of severe anemia, and her bloodcount had slipped too far again.

We are getting some signals it may be a little more serious this time, but she is in good spirits. I hope to know more tomorrow.

God Bless!


Mac McLernon said...

Prayers as requested! Good luck to her.

Diane said...

Thanks Mac.

Mom is holding her own. The first test revealed no bleeding from the stomach area. Today, more tests.

Doctors are hoping it is these things to which she is prone, called "AVM's". It's an abbreviation, but in general it is a cluster of veins any place in the digestive tract that can bleed profusely. They are benign and aren't really treated because they start and stop bleeding on their own. In some cases, like with my mother, regular transfusions become necessary. But, they have to rule out more serious things like cancer.

Mom did have a cancerous lesion lasered out about a year ago, but her 3 month and 6 month checks were clear. She was due to be checked again in May, but is having it done today.

We are being optimistic it is just another AVM. If it is actively bleeding they can cauterize it. Otherwise, they just leave them alone.

nan said...

Remembering you in prayer as I sit with my own mother, here in the hospital. I would treasure your prayers also.
I still hope to see you on Saturday.

Diane said...

God Bless! And, prayers your way.

I too hope to see you Saturday. As long as things are stable, I'll work with my aunt and my brother in the hopes of still making it out there Saturday to the Call to Holiness.