Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Filipino Bishops Conference Releases Catechetical Videos on YouTube

An increasing number of priests and bishops have been meeting people where they are at through blogging and videos on YouTube. Some examples:

Cardinal Sean O'Malley has been blogging for some time now, and even allows comments.

Cardinal Justin Rigali has been publishing short video clips on YouTube

And, many of you know about the Cardinal Arinze Podcasts, now called Webcasts, brought to us by Family Land Europe.

Now, the Filipino Bishops Conference (CBCP) brings us Catechetical videos on a regular basis (see one example below). You can subscribe at their homepage on YouTube (free), so that you get notification of new videos, or bookmark that link so you can browse. From their homepage you will find other Catholic videos on YouTube, including those by Cardinal Rigali.

Sidenote: I have several more posts to make, but not the time to invest in them. This includes a continuation of my series on the Altar Boy Program at Assumption Grotto and some interesting news about the Paul Paray Mass to be recorded in a closed session next week (with photos from the recent dress rehearsal). I also have not finished going through all of my Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday photos. There are few liturgical photos left, but many still shots outside of Mass well worth showing. Being in the choir, it is not possible to catch everything.


JPII GenXer said...


Awesome blog! I especially enjoy the photos.

Just wanted to point out one slight spelling error. "Philippino" should is spelled "Filipino". Its a common mistake.


JPII GenXer said...

I just reread my last comment and noticed all my typos!! Haha here I am giving out grammatical corrections and I cant even get this right.


Diane said...

That's ok - any grammar and spelling corrections are more than welcome.

I should have listened to my gut, which was telling me something wasn't right, but it was too early to think ;)


I'm about to fix it, but any links to the post will have to be remade. Changing the timestamp or title changes the url of the page on any blogpost for those who don't know.