Monday, April 16, 2007

Petition to restore Holy Days of Obligation to Appropriate Days

H/T to Catholic bloggers Mac McLernon at Mulier-Fortis and Fr. Tim Finigan - both in the UK, for drawing attention to this petition asking Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor and The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales to restore certain holy days back to their rightful place with regards to when they are celebrated. It pains me all the more when Assumption is shifted to Sunday as that is our feast day. We still celebrate it on the 15th of August each year.

I've been saying for some time that instead of our bishops enabling us to fluff-off these things, they should be challenging us to unbusy ourselves for them. This kind of pampering is one of many factors which has led many to place God second, third, fourth, or wherever.

Perhaps we should start out own petition here in the US. We could use the same form for the letter they are in the UK.

Here is the letter they are suggesting for use....

It might be wise to CC your own Ordinary if you send one to the USCCB.