Thursday, March 29, 2007

Catch it now on EWTN - Pope Benedict in Penitential Service with Youth

If you are visting this blog around the time of this post, you can catch Pope Benedict in the Pentitential Service with youth (replay) on EWTN TV. If you don't have it on your television, just go to and choose Television - Live TV and pick your connection. You can watch it right on your computer or laptop, if you have a decent connection.

Individal confessions were heard by some 200 priests.

This is simply beautiful and we need such big services in every city to bring back awareness of this magnficent sacrament. I pray our bishops will follow the lead of our Holy Father in this regard.

Here is coverage from Zenit.

As a sidenote, "communal penance" is not something that is permitted as was very popular some years ago (and may still be in some communities). Any grave or mortal sin must be confessed to a priest following any such service.