Saturday, November 11, 2006

A well earned blogger break.....

I find myself in need of some time off to take care of a few things. Therefore, my posting will be limited to some time-sensitive information to relay, for which I will provide more info tomorrow or Monday. Please do come back to view what is coming up when I do get a few minutes to put all the details together of at least two events forthcoming. I hope to be back posting next Saturday.

In the meanwhile, if you want Catholic news, I recommend the following:

  • (Note: some things which are only for subscribers may be found at the EWTN Headline News site).
  • Catholic News Service
  • Catholic Online (I do not spend as much time here because of the mix of content which includes material from sources like Commonweal and National Catholic Reporter, but there are other good articles if you know how to sift through the material.)
  • I recommend visting the Catholic Culture home page, especially to read up on the saint of the day - one I will leave you with below for St. Martin of Tours, as a sample below.
  • is always a good bet to read up on news from the Vatican as it is released.
  • Vatican Information Service is another place to read up on what is happening.
  • Sandro Magister - a good Vatican watcher

A few great audio recommendations, some of which are great to put on just while working around the house if you can get them on your computer, if you don't have an iPOD or similar:

Of course, you can always visit the blogs in my blogroll, and links in the sidebar while I'm away. In particular, spend some time at those of blogging priests. Fr. Martin Fox always has spiritually uplifting posts, and Fr. Philip Powell, OP has had an excellent post up on vocations, in particular the priesthood:

Aside from those time sensitive posts I need to make - likely tomorrow, I will be back next Saturday, God willing!

As promised, I leave you with the sensational story of St. Marin of Tours from Catholic Culture:

St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin was born (c. 316) at Sabaria, a town in Pannonia near the famous Benedictine monastery dedicated to his name. Against the wishes of his parents he associated with Christians and became a catechumen at the age of ten. At fifteen he entered the army and served under the Emperors Constantius and Julian. While in the service he met a poor, naked beggar at the gates of Amiens who asked alms in Christ's Name. Martin had nothing with him except his weapons and soldier's mantle; but he took his sword, cut the latter in two, and gave half to the poor man. During the following night Christ appeared to him clothed with half a mantle and said, "Martin, the catechumen, has clothed Me with this mantle!"

...continue reading St. Marin of Tours at Catholic Culture (scroll down)

Te Deum Laudamus!

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Jonathan said...

Back in those days when I used to have to stand up in front of a sea of poppy-clad once-a-year churchgoers at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, I always brought in St Martin.
Whilst in Trier (Germany) one semester, I was privileged to see the cultus of St Martin in a place that was very dear to him. In that great city, still with clear signs of its Roman days, there stands a basilica: a true Roman Basilica, which was part of Constantine's palace in this his Imperial city. Here he received guests and petitioners, and here Martin handed across his resignation from the army. This great symbol of peace is a magnificent building, and it is fitting to remember Martin and his actions on the same day that we remember all who gave their lives in war.
It is fitting too to realise that the Palace Basilica is a Lutheran Church, and has been for centuries, and that it was gutted by an Allied bomb in the Second World War.