Saturday, July 22, 2006

Surprise from the Vatican: Holy Throne takes Medjugorje phenomenon into its own hands

That is how I translate the title of the news story out of the Croatian Newspaper, Vecernji List

I speak limited Croatian and just received this article via email from Mark Waterinckx in the original Croatian. The other is a Dutch article which speaks about the one in Croatian.

I am working several avenues for an English versions of this, but the headline says it all and it is in the title of my thread. In the meanwhile, for those of you who speak either language, here they both are. Feel free to offer your best stab at translations in the comment section, or offer a link to an English version should you find one before I do.

What I'm getting out of the Croatian version is that a new commission is being set up, but given my weak Croatian, I could be wrong.

I am offering the website of the Diocese of Banja Luka - the home of Vinko Cardinal Puljic. There are English translations of various things on this site and it might be the one to watch. I made a previous post having found a statement made by Cardinal Puljic back in 2001 pertaining to some of his thoughts on Medjugorje while at a Synod.

Diocese of Banja Luka

EDIT: Mark says he now has the article in four languages, but is awaiting confirmation out of Bishop Peric. Being the weekend, this could be a wait. In the same email from Mark, is this message from someone in Australia. It reads as follows and forgive the crude appearance as I do not have much time. I will continue to update this post with new information as I get it, so check back here.

>> A link reading "New commission on Medjugorje" turned up on the Spirit>> Daily website last night (Friday), and what it linked to was in>> Croatian. The link has now disappeared (Saturday afternoon here). But>> attached is the text, in Croatian. I was next to a Serb at Mass this>> morning so I asked him to translate it. The article is headed>> "Surprise from the Vatican" The gist is that the Holy See has taken>> the Medjugorje "phenomenon" into its own hands and has appointed or will>> appoint a new commission. This was apparently announed by Cardinal>> Puljic at a congerence of the bishops of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Banja>> Luka on July 12-14. It refers, without naming him, to the Bishop of>> Mostar, as having disapproved as far as his own diocese is concerned.>> The second para recalls the finding of the previous commission in 1991,>> that there is nothing supernatural. You will no doubt be able to>> translate it more accurately. "Vijesti", the website name at the top,>> is a Croatian Catholic news agency, it seems. Nothing about this has>> turned up elsewhere that I can find, but I thought you might be>> interested.

Vijesti (Vecernji List News)
Hrvatska (Croatia)

15.07.2006 18:15

Sveta Stolica preuzima međugorski fenomen u svoje ruke
Autor Žarko IVKOVIĆ

Katolička crkva osniva novu komisiju koja će ispitati međugorska zbivanja. Dao je to naslutiti kardinal Vinko Puljić, predsjednik Biskupske konferencije BiH, obraćajući se novinarima nakon završetka zasjedanja BKBiH održanog od 12. do 14. srpnja u Banjoj Luci. Izazvao je time i veliko iznenađenje jer Međugorja na dnevnom redu nije bilo. Osim toga, dobro je poznat stav Crkve da se o međugorskom fenomenu neće izjašnjavati dok on traje, a još je poznatiji stav mostarskoga biskupa, koji decidirano tvrdi da u njegovoj biskupiji nema nikakvih ukazanja Majke Božje.
Zašto se unatoč tomu osniva nova komisija koja bi trebala preispitati stav biskupa izrečen 1991., prema kojemu se "ne može ustvrditi da je riječ o nadnaravnim ukazanjima"? Prema našim informacijama, zahtjev za osnivanje komisije dolazi iz Vatikana, koji očito više ne može zatvarati oči pred onim što se događa u Međugorju.

Here is coverage of the article in Dutch. I don't know if it is a direct translatio or a story on the article.

Kerk stelt onderzoekscommissie Medjugorje in
Geplaatst op 2006-07-21 21:44:26

MEDJUGORJE ( – De katholieke kerk stelt een nieuwe commissie in de gebeurtenissen van Medjugorje moet onderzoeken. Dit heeft kardinaal Vinko Puljic, de voorzitter van de bisschoppenconferentie van Bosnië-Herzegovina, volgens een bericht in de krant Vecernji List tegenover journalisten bekend gemaakt. In Medjugorje zou volgens zeggen van de zieners sinds 24 juni 1981 Maria dagelijks verschijnen.

Het onderwerp “Medjugorje” was blijkbaar een breed bediscussieerd thema bij de bijeenkomst van de laatste bisschoppenconferentie van Bosnië-Herzegovina. Uit kerkelijke kringen werd door het Duitstalige katholieke Internetportal vernomen dat de bisschoppen zich, ofschoon het niet op de agenda stond, meer dan drie uren met het thema hebben beziggehouden.

Ook de Kroatische staatstelevisie berichtte over de beslissing van de bisschoppen in de nieuwsuitzending Dnevnik. Vecernji List meldde tevens dat dit initiatief voor de instelling van een nieuwe onderzoekscommissie werd ingegeven na aansporingen daartoe van het Vaticaan. Letterlijk staat er in die krant: “Volgens onze informatie komt het initiatief uit het Vaticaan die blijkbaar niet langer de ogen voor wat in Medjugorje gebeurt wil sluiten.” Volgens de bisschop van Banja Luka, Franjo Komarica, moet ook een lid van de commissie het Vaticaan vertegenwoordigen. Mogelijk zal de commissie direct door een afgevaardigde van het Vaticaan worden geleid.

De Kerk heeft tot op heden nog geen definitief oordeel over Medjugorje gegeven en in de verklaring uit 1991 de verschijningen noch verworpen, noch definitief bevestigd. Medjugorje behoort inmiddels tot wereldwijd de grootste bedevaartsoorden. Alleen al in de maand juni van dit jaar bezochten honderdduizenden gelovigen en 4500 priesters het oord. (em)

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Tominellay said...

This is a non-news story...The Ivkovic article in the Croatian press says that the Church will establish a new commission to examine events at Medjugorje, or so Cardinal Puljic implied, and so news reporters surmised as the Bishops Conference of B-H has just met in Banja Luka; and this has caused surprise. The hard stance of the local bishop (Peric) is well known, as is the declaration of Zadar that "it is not possible to affirm, etc.". And so this new commission has been ordered by the Vatican, which is "no longer able to close its eyes to what's happening", or some such thing.

It's really a National Enquirer-type speculation, and not news. The Dutch article isn't a translation, but an article about the Croatian "news" story.

My Croatian isn't that good, but this is pretty much what this is about...


Tominellay said...

On the other hand, it seems from accounts of the ad limina visits of B-H bishops in Febrauary and Croatian bishops earlier this July, that Benedict XVI has signalled support of Bishop Peric and would welcome the end of the Medjugorje opera. That would mean another commission at the B-H Bishops Conference level, but not the Vatican taking things "into its own hands".

Diane said...

HI Tominellay,

As I stated in my post, Mark is working to confirm with Bishop Peric what the situation is.

A new commission is quite significant in my opinion because there is no need for such a commission unless there is a desire to re-examine the situation, AND change the current declaration. I can't see the need of a new commission if the bishops, and Vatican felt, that status quo should hold.

That current position is:

non constat de supernaturalitate.

There are only two other outcomes for the commission.

constat de supernaturalitate (an affirmation)


constat de non supernaturalitate (a condemnation)

Hence, if the article has an ounce of truth to it, I believe a change in status is coming.

Furthermore, the thought that the Vatican wants to deal with this fits well with the pattern we've been seeing in dealing with things that were just kind of idling. No time was wasted in dealing with these issues, among others.

Fr. Marcial Maciel
Fr. Gino Burresi
Neo-Catechumenate Way

There is a serious situation going on with the Franciscans in that area and most people are oblivious to the history, which goes back hundreds of years. All they know is what the pro-Medjugorje websites tell them about "the fued". However, the Vatican has sided repeatedly with the diocese throughout this time. Until the issue of Medjugorje is brought to resolution, I can't see any resolution taking place with the Franciscans in the region. It is, as Bishop Peric pointed out, a schismatic like situation. Not all Franciscans are involved, but a fair number are.

Tominellay said...

As news reports confirm what I had thought to be speculation, I have to agree with your analysis, Diane, and that a pattern has emerged...

Diane said...

Agreed. I could very well be wrong, but my take is that the Holy See has seen enough. The BiH Bishops had their ad limina visit a few months back. Those from Croatia just had it not more than a month ago, if I recall.

Netmilsmom said...

Has there been any news on this?


Diane said...

HI Stacie,

Haven't heard a word.

The way I see it is that when God wants the Vatican to move on it, one way or the other, it will happen. Until then, for me, I focus my attention on approved private revelations. There is such a wealth - with Fatima chief among them - that I would prefer to spend my time there, than on those things not yet approved.

Netmilsmom said...

You know Diane, I truly think the whole thing is evil and there are many people at Cyril's that are really into it.

You're right, if God wants it ruled on, it will happen, but God's time can be very long.....